Helicobacter Pylori Test (1 Test)

Helicobacter Pylori Test (1 Test)

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What is the Helicobacter Pylori Test for?

The Helicobacter pylori Test identifies the presence of specific antibodies against the bacterium Helicobacter pylori (Hp). These are normally absent in individuals who have not previously contracted Hp infection.

What is Helicobacter Pylori?

Helicobacter pylori is a Gram-negative microorganism which chronically infects more than half of the world’s population and plays a causative role in in the potential development of chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer and other diseases including gastric cancer and mucosa-associated lymphoma. It is passed from person to person via bodily fluids and faecal matter or spread through contaminated food or water. Often gained when travelling in countries which do not have rigorous health standards.

Generally, the majority of people who carry the bacterium and have a healthy balance between the pathogenic power of the microorganism and their immune system can have enough protection against further complications. This is why those affected by significant immunodeficiency are definitely more exposed to the bacterium. Hp grows in a particularly acidic environment, protected by a layer of mucus. Because the bacterium is inside the stomach and the duodenum, it can cause serious damage by developing chronic gastritis and ulcers (about 90% of gastric ulcers are caused by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori). Half of patients with Hp do not have any particular symptoms. These symptoms in general there are gastritis and a strong burning sensation in the stomach. It is an infection that can easily be treated with specific antibiotics, if cured early and adequately diagnosed.

Who should use the Helicobacter Pylori test?

The Helicobacter pylori Test is suitable for anyone who wants to periodically check their health. Suitable for everyone who has gastric symptoms such as heartburn or pain in the upper part of the abdomen, vomiting, nausea, feeling full, difficulty during digestion, reflux, loss of appetite, burping, diarrhoea and gastric pain.

How does the Helicobacter Pylori Test work?

The Helicobacter pylori Test is a highly specific rapid immunological device that, with a simple drop of blood, is able to detect the presence of anti-Hp antibodies in the body (IgG). These antibodies are produced by the immune system after coming into contact with the bacterium and trying to eliminate it. Quick results in just 5 minutes!

1) The sample is a blood drop taken with the sterile lancet contained in the box.
2) Obtain a big drop of blood by squeezing the finger and collect it with the plastic pipette.
3) Put the drop of blood on the indicated point on the device.
4) Add the diluent, wait for 5 minutes and read the result.


When should I use the Helicobacter Pylori Test?

Doing the Helicobacter pylori Test is recommended for all people who have a healthy lifestyle and are proactive about monitoring their health. Sometimes Hp infection is asymptomatic and therefore not easily linked to specific gastric disorders.

In 1994, The National Institutes of Health (US Department of Health and Sciences) recognised that most recurrent duodenal and gastric ulcers were caused by H. pylori. In the same year, the International Agency for Research on Cancer declared Hp to be a group I human carcinogen for gastric adenocarcinoma. Checking the presence of specific antibodies against Hp is a very useful tool to detect the infection.

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