Pregnancy-HCG Test (2 Tests)

Pregnancy-HCG Test (2 Tests)

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What is the Pregnancy-HCG Test for?

The Pregnancy-HCG Test monitors the concentration of HCG hormone in urine in order to verify a possible pregnancy. This is ideal for all women who want to identify a possible pregnancy.

What is the HCG hormone and Fertility Awareness

During the early stages of pregnancy, the fertilised egg is transported from the tubes to the uterus where, around seven days later, it awaits further development. Precisely at this stage, the tissue that will form the placenta begins to produce the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, also called HCG hormone, essential for the correct development of pregnancy. The rapid appearance and quick increase in the concentration of HCG hormone in urine makes it an excellent indicator for the early confirmation of pregnancy.

Who should use the Pregnancy-HCG Test?

The Pregnancy-hCG Test is suitable for all women who want to verify the presence of a pregnancy in a simple, quick and safe way.

How does the Pregnancy-hCG Test work?

The Pregnancy-hCG Test is an immunochromatographic device which detects hCG hormone in urine through special gold-conjugated monoclonal antibodies included in the reactive strip.

1) Remove the protective cap – this exposes the absorbing tip.
2) Place the absorbing tip right under the flow of urine for at least 10 seconds.
3) Alternatively (if easier), urine can be collected in a clean, dry, residue-free container (not supplied) and the absorbing tip can be dipped into the urine for 10 seconds.
4) Place the protective cap back onto the absorbing tip. Wait for 5 minutes and read the result.


When should I use the Pregnancy-hCG Test? 

The Test can be performed from the first-day menstruation is expected, at any time of the day. It is recommended to use the first urine in the morning (eliminating the first jet) as this is a more concentrated specimen sample.

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