Sperm Test (1 Test)

Sperm Test (1 Test)

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What is a Sperm Test for?

A Sperm Test is a rapid device for the qualitative determination of spermatozoa concentration in human sperm samples. The goal is to diagnose possible male infertility or to use it as an aid to planning a pregnancy—results in just 2 minutes.

What is Sperm and Semen Analysis?

Sperm is an organic compound with a pearly-white and liquid-albumin consistency, with an opalescent appearance, containing male germ cells called spermatozoa. In some cases of infertility, where a couple does not achieve a natural conception after at least 12 months, there may be an insufficient spermatozoa concentration in human sperm to achieve egg fertilisation. The sperm must have a sufficient number of spermatozoa with good motility and a correct morphology and structure to allow the penetration of the female egg cell.

Male factor infertility affects nearly 50% of infertile couples worldwide who want to conceive and who require medical intervention. Sperm count is considered lower than normal if you have less than 15 million sperm per millilitre of semen.

Who should use the Sperm Test?

The Sperm Test is recommended for all men who want to check the number of sperm produced or for those who wish to carry out appropriate checks before planning a conception.

How does the Sperm Test work?

Sperm Test is a biochemical assay for in vitro qualitative estimation of sperm concentration in human semen. Sperm cells are trapped on the surface of the first layer of the membrane, and a staining solution is used to dye sperm cells. The darker the colour of ‘well A’ the higher the sperm concentration. If the colour of ‘well A’ is lighter than the standard colour reference of ‘well B’, it means that the concentration of sperm is less than 15 million/mL. If the colour of ‘well A’ is darker than the standard colour of reference ‘well B”, it means that the sperm concentration is greater than 15 million/mL.

1) Collect the semen directly into the collection cup. Shake the semen evenly in the collection cup and leave it to stand for 15 minutes at room temperature until the semen liquefies.
2) Using the pipette provided in the foil pouch, dispense one drop of semen into test well A.
3) Once the semen is soaked into well A, add three drops of the blue staining solution to well A. Let it soak for 1-2 minutes.
4) Add two drops of the transparent washing solution to well A, and let it soak for 1-2 minutes, and then read the results immediately. Read the colour of well B, comparing the colour of A to B.

When should I use the Sperm Test? 

The Sperm Test is a preliminary diagnostic system, and it is recommended that further investigations are undertaken with specialist help should any positive results show low sperm concentration levels. The Test is for home use and should be done if you intend to plan a conception or suspect a situation of reduced male fertility.

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